The Impressive Health Benefits of Guava Fruit

The Impressive Health Benefits of Guava Fruit

If you consume the crunchy seeds as well, you will greatly increase your daily fiber intake. Research has found that over half of the weight of guava seeds is healthy fiber. 

A whole guava peeled fruit will give you a massive 125 mg of vitamin C. This means that eating just one guava gives you more than 100% of your daily vitamin C needs based on current guidelines. 

A serving of one whole guava fruit without the peel also contains 343 IU vitamin A (7% RDI), 26 mcg folate (7% RDI), and trace amounts of vitamins E, K, and B-group vitamins.
Researchers have found that the pink color in guava fruit flesh is due to an antioxidant called lycopene, thats means pure guava fruit juice can be a good source of antioxidants which is healthy for your immune system. 
There are also many benefits to using guava leaf. Studies have shown that guava leaf extract contains potent antimicrobial properties. The International Journal of Microbiology reports that guava leaf extract contains antibacterial compounds. Medicinal uses of guava leaf include remedies for diarrhea, vomiting, stomach flu, toothache, and ulcers. 

How to Eat Guava

Eating gauva fresh is the best way to benefit of it every day. Usually, ripe guavas have a soft, yellowish-green skin that may have a hint of pink. Another way to check if a guava is ripe and ready for eating it to check that it has a sweet, slightly musky smell.

Use a serrated knife to cut the fruit in half and then into thin slices. You will find that the flesh of the guava can range in color from white to yellow to pink.

You can eat whole slices (the peel and seeds) of guava fruit, or you can consume the delicious pink, yellow, or white guava flesh.

Benefits of Guava
Let’s see the many ways of eating guava fruit or taking guava extracts that can improve your health.